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Updating fieldworker’s working hours

You can easily update your fieldworker’s working hours from their profiles so that when you receive bookings from the customer portal only available fieldworkers can be booked. Fieldworkers can also update their working hours to keep you updated with any schedule changes.

However, you as an admin user can assign any booking to any fieldworker regardless of their working hours when creating a new booking.

Table of contents:

Updating fieldworker’s working hours as an admin

To update your fieldworker’s working hours, go to Fieldworkers from the sidebar menu on the left and view the fieldworker’s profile. Select Job settings > Working hours where you can view or edit the fieldworker’s working hours. Click on Add more hours to add to the working hours or you can edit or delete the existing hours.

Note that: When a new fieldworker is created, their working hours will be automatically set as the company working hours, and then you can edit it as per your preference.

Adding more than a set of hours in a single day

You can add more than a shift to one day, click on Add more hours, and a pop-up window will appear where you can select the day, starting and ending shift times. click on Add another set of hours so you can enter another shift to the same day, then click on Save.

Adding a day off

To give your fieldworker a day off, simply delete the working hours from the delete icon of that day and it will be automatically set as a day off. You can also click on the edit icon to re-add this day’s shift.

Updating working hours from the fieldworker’s web view

After logging in to the fieldworker’s account and viewing their account from the sidebar menu, fieldworkers can follow the same steps as the admin user from their accounts as mentioned above.

Updating working hours from the fieldworker’s application

Fieldworkers can easily update their working hours on the fieldworker’s application, go to the fieldworker’s profile then click on Services, where they can view or edit their working hours.

Click on Add to add a new set of working hours for any day off, or click on a day to edit their hours or add a new set of hours for the same day.

When a fieldworker clicks on Add, a pop-up window will appear to select the available day to add more working hours. Then click on Add.

Editing and adding more than a set of hours in a single day

When the fieldworker clicks on a day, they can edit its working hours or add a new set of hours when they click on the + sign from the top right. Then click on Save.

Adding a day off

To add a day off, your fieldworker should delete an existing working day to be set as a day off, click on any weekday, and swipe left on the working hours to delete it, then click on Save.

After deleting the working hours, this day will be considered a day off.

How does updating your general fieldworker’s working hours affect your company’s overall working hours?

The overall working hours of your business are determined by your general fieldworker’s calendar, which acts as your office’s main calendar and is used to hold all unassigned quotes and bookings. The working hours set in your general fieldworker’s profile will determine the time your customers can book your services for via your customer portal. OctopusPro doesn’t allow your customers to book appointments for times outside your set working hours.

If you have the real-time availability feature enabled in your customer portal settings, OctopusPro will check the working hours and calendar availability of each of your fieldworkers and will only allow your customer to place bookings for time slots when there is at least one matching fieldworker available for the booking. For example, you can set your business hours to 8 am – 5 pm. You can also set your fieldworker’s hours to be a subset of your business hours. For example, Fieldworker A hours can be 8 am – 1 pm and Fieldworker hours can be 11 am – 5 pm.

To update your general fieldworker’s working hours, go to Settings > General settings > Working hours from the sidebar menu on the left, you’ll be redirected to the general fieldworker’s profile. Alternatively, you can simply go to Fieldworkers from the sidebar menu on the left and view the general fieldworker’s profile. From the Job settings tab, click on the Working hours section where you can add, edit or delete working hours. Follow the same steps as above to change the working hours.

For more information please visit Octopuspro user guide, and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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