Add a New Inquiry Source

Add a new inquiry source

This page list of contents:

  1. Show inquiry source to your admin users activation.
  2. Remove an inquiry source.
  3. Create a new inquiry source.

The inquiry sources field is for admin use only and does not show to your customers in your inquiry form on your website. This field can be used to help you keep track of how your customers contacted your company, e.g. ‘Website. This will help categorize manual inquiries.

Add a new inquiry source 

  • Firstly, you need to go to Settings>>Communications>>Inquiry Form.
Inquiry Form Navigation From the Side Menu
  • Then, you need to go to the source tab.
add new sources setting page navigation
  • To enable your admin user to see your inquiries source you need to activate the following button by clicking on it:
Show inquiry source field to my admin users activation button
  • Scrolling down the same page you will see that there are some of the inquiry sources by default, if one of these Sources does not suit you, clicking on the <x> box on the side of the unwanted source will delete it.
Remove one of your inquiry sources
  • For adding a new inquiry source, click on the plus sign where it says  Create new.
Adding new inquiry source button
  • An empty field will appear on the page that you can type in your new source.
The box that you type in your new source
  • Then you click on the save button and your new source will be saved.
Save button location when creating a new inquiry source
  • You can see your inquiry source when creating a new inquiry to choose from as:
Inquiry source field when creating a new inquiry
  • Also, you will be able to see it on the view inquiry page when the source has been selected.
Inquiry source in inquiry view page

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