Add Multiple Addresses to Bookings

Assign multiple addresses to bookings

Provide services that require you attend multiple job locations? OctopusPro gives you the option to add multiple addresses to a single job. Very useful for removalists, delivery or cleaning businesses, installation & maintenance, waste collection, etc.

  1. How to add an additional address to a booking
  2. Enable booking additional addresses in your Customer Portal
  3. Link multiple booking addresses options to service level
  4. Multiple address visibility

Add an additional address to a booking

Follow the steps required for creating a new booking or open a pre-existing booking you would like to edit.

From the upper right corner within the Booking Address field, select + Add Address. An additional address field will display below the existing address field.

Complete the remaining fields for your booking and Save.


Enable booking additional addresses in your Customer Portal

To enable customers to add additional addresses to bookings using your Customer Portal, open the Customer Portal settings by selecting Settings > Communications > Customer Portal in the side menu. 

Once you have opened your Customer Portal settings, select Flags & Permissions.

Scroll down to Allow bookings to have a second address, and enable using the toggle. 


You are also given the option to edit the Address Label to match your business requirements.


Once enabled your customers have the option to add additional addresses while making an inquiry or booking in the Customer Portal.


Multiple address visibility

Fieldworkers are displayed all necessary address information for bookings in the OctopusPro Fieldworker app. 

Additional addresses are displayed in your Admin Booking view.


…as well as in Calendar Popups.


..and Booking Confirmation Emails sent to your customers. 


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