Viewing a fieldworker’s call log

Viewing a fieldworker’s call log

You can view your fieldworker’s calls, their time and duration, and the callee names displayed in the call log section from your fieldworker’s profile.

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Viewing a fieldworker’s call log as an admin user

To view a fieldworker’s call log, go to Fieldworkers from the sidebar menu, you’ll be redirected to the “Fieldworkers” page where all your fieldworkers will be displayed there.

Select the fieldworker you want to view his/her profile from the actions button and click on “View profile” to view it.

You’ll be redirected to your fieldworker’s profile, select the Activity section to view their call log at the right of the page.

Select the “Call Log” drop-down button to view the caller, callee, duration of the call, time, and recorded calls. 

Viewing the caller: which displays the fieldworker’s name.

The callee: that displays the callee name.

The duration: that displays the duration of your fieldworker’s call. 

The time: that displays the date and the exact time of a call. 

The call record: This displays the recorded call and the duration of this record, so you can play it to hear the call. You can also download it or play it back by selecting the actions button.

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