Optimizing Customer Profile fields and dependents

Optimizing Customer Profile for your Industry & Business

OctopusPro is committed to elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a feature-rich, customizable customer portal tailored to various industries. Our platform empowers you to create bespoke customer profiles that cater to your unique business type and services, ensuring your clients have access to everything they need in one convenient location. This fosters a personalized experience that improves customer loyalty, enhances engagement, and increases repeat business.

Our customer portal offers a wide range of features designed to boost customer engagement, streamline the booking process, and deliver a personalized experience across industries:

  1. Customizable customer profiles: Capturing industry-specific personal information through custom fields, such as height, weight, diet, allergies, favorite colors, or preferred service provider, enables you to offer a tailored service experience for businesses like fitness centers, catering services, or beauty salons.
  2. Dependents management: Efficiently scheduling and delivering services to dependents like children, pets, or vehicles using customer properties improves the customer experience for childcare, pet care, or automotive businesses.
  3. Saved payment methods: Securely saving payment methods simplifies the booking process for customers, enhancing their satisfaction across all industries.
  4. Frequent addresses: Streamlining the booking experience by allowing customers to store frequently-used addresses for services like recurring cleaning or regular lawn maintenance.
  5. Booking history: Providing customers with access to their complete booking history, including past quotes and appointments, encourages repeat bookings for services such as personal training, home repairs, or spa treatments.
  6. Complaints and feedback: Empowering customers to manage complaints, provide feedback, and communicate with your team in real-time fosters transparency and improvement in service quality, leading to increased customer loyalty.
  7. Notifications and ratings: Enabling customers to receive notifications, rate services, and provide feedback helps businesses like tutoring centers, photography studios, or event planners to continuously refine their offerings, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  8. Chat and discussion: Allowing customers to engage in real-time chats with your office and fieldworkers (depending on permissions, timing, and settings) improves communication and trust, resulting in a stronger customer relationship.

By focusing on customer profiles and offering a self-service platform, OctopusPro enables you to deliver superior customer service, streamline operations, and boost customer loyalty across various industries. Customizing your customer portal to meet the unique needs of your business and clientele ensures an exceptional user experience for every customer interaction, ultimately contributing to the success of your marketing efforts and the growth of your business.

Table of contents 

Creating and Managing Customer Accounts

OctopusPro’s customer portal serves as your independent business site, offering customers a seamless and efficient experience for managing bookings and accessing a range of convenient features. To learn more about the customer portal, click here.

Signing up for a customer account

Customers can easily sign up by visiting your customer portal URL and clicking “Sign Up” in the top right corner of the homepage.

A registration form will appear, where customers can enter their personal details to complete the sign-up process. Alternatively, they can also sign up using their Google or Facebook accounts.

Upon submitting the required information, a verification email will be sent to the provided address, which customers must use to activate their account.

Logging in using email

Once customers have successfully activated their accounts, they can log in to the customer portal by entering their email address and password.

Logging in using Facebook

Customers can also use their personal Facebook accounts to log in to your customer portal. To do this, they should click “Log in” at the top right of the homepage and then select “Login With Facebook.”

A new window will appear requesting access to their Facebook account. Upon granting access, customers will be logged in to your customer portal using their Facebook account.

Logging in using Google

Another option for customers is to log in using their Google accounts. They can click on “Login With Google,” and a new window will appear, allowing them to sign in to their Google account.

Logging in using the booking number

For customers who have scheduled bookings through your customer portal without signing up, they can still access their booking details by logging in using the automatically generated booking number. To log in using the booking number, click “Login” from the customer portal homepage.

Next, click on “Use booking number to log in.”

A form will be displayed, prompting customers to enter their email address and booking number. After entering this information, they can click “Log in” to access their booking details.

Managing customers profiles 

With OctopusPro, your customers can easily manage their personal information and preferences through their profile. This includes updating profile pictures, resetting passwords, editing personal information, adding contacts, and managing billing addresses.

Adding a profile picture

After logging in to their account, customers can access their profile by clicking on “Profile” from the sidebar menu on the left. This will redirect them to the “My Account” page, where they can manage various aspects of their personal information.

To update their profile picture, customers can click on the camera icon on the current profile picture and then select “Update Profile Picture.”

Updating login password

On the “My Account” page, customers can reset their passwords by clicking on “Reset password” under their personal information.

Updating personal profile

To edit profile information, customers can click on the edit icon next to their details.

An “Edit Info” form will appear, allowing them to choose between a personal or business profile. They can then enter or edit their first and last name, add multiple names for each contact, and manage their email addresses and phone numbers using the “+” icon next to each field.

Adding additional contacts

Within the “Edit Info” form, customers can add more contacts to their profile by clicking on the “Add another contact” button. A secondary contact field will appear, enabling them to input additional contact details. To add even more contacts, click on “More contacts.”

A secondary contact will appear to fill in their contact details. To add more contacts click on More contacts.

Managing billing address to profile

Customers can also update their billing address from the same pop-up window. They can pinpoint their exact location on a map and select their country, state, and town. Additionally, they can choose whether their billing and booking addresses should be the same or different. After entering the required information, they should click on “Save” to finalize changes.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Business Profiles and Saved Locations

OctopusPro offers your customers the ability to create and manage multiple business profiles, saved locations, and payment methods, streamlining their booking process and overall experience.

Adding business profile 

From the “My Account” page, customers can create business profiles by clicking the “Create business profile +” button.

They will need to fill out the “Add business profile” form with billing email, business name, country, state, and town information.

Managing multiple business profiles

Customers can have multiple business profiles within a single customer account, allowing them to schedule bookings under various company names. To add or edit business profiles, click on “Create business profile” or the edit icon next to an existing profile.

Saved locations

On the “My Account” page, customers can view their saved locations. These are added automatically as customers schedule bookings. To delete a saved location, click on the delete icon next to it.

Selecting a profile when making a booking

Customers can easily choose their preferred profile when scheduling a booking. If they have multiple business profiles saved, they can switch between them when entering contact details during the booking process on the customer portal.

After selecting a booking time, logged-in customers will see their contact details auto-filled. By default, their personal profile details are selected. To schedule a booking under a business account, they can click on “Business,” and the corresponding profile details will be automatically filled in.

Adding payment methods

Customers can manage their payment methods by clicking on “Payments” in the sidebar menu on the left. This will redirect them to the payment methods page, where they can view, edit, or add new payment methods.

To add a new payment method, click on “Add a new payment method.” Customers can also edit or remove existing payment methods by clicking on the edit icon next to the card information.


Customers can edit or remove payment methods added by clicking on the edit icon next to the card. To add a new payment method click on Add a new payment method.

Adding a New Card

Customers can quickly add a new card by entering their card details and clicking on “Add card.”

Making a new booking

Scheduling an appointment 

Customers can easily schedule appointments when logged in to their profiles on your customer portal. After logging in, they can click on the “Schedule an appointment” button under their display name in the left-side menu.

Selecting a Service and Viewing Details

Upon clicking the button, customers will be directed to the “All Services” page, displaying all available services your business offers.

The services will be presented with their starting rates and a brief description.

When customers choose a service, they will be redirected to the service view page, where they can see all details for the selected service. They can then schedule the service by clicking on “Schedule an appointment.”

Auto-filling booking addresses from saved locations

If customers have saved locations in their profiles, their addresses will automatically fill when scheduling a new booking. Additionally, customers with saved contact details will have their information auto-filled during the booking process, streamlining the scheduling experience.

Auto-filling customer contact details from profile

If your customers have their contact details saved in their profile, like their first name, last name, email address, phone number, and more saved in their profiles, then they will not need to enter their details again when scheduling a new booking, as it will automatically fill instantly.

During the booking process when your customers are scheduling a booking through your portal, their contact details information will be automatically filled in from the contact information saved in their profiles, and they will not need to fill it in manually. Your customers will also be able to add/edit or remove any details they wish, they can also add an additional contact, and select them for this booking.

Using saved payment methods when making a booking

Customers with saved credit card information can easily select a stored payment method when checking out, simplifying the booking process.

Purchasing a Gift Voucher

OctopusPro allows customers to purchase gift cards for services, which can be gifted to family and friends. From the customer profile, the “Buy gift vouchers” button is accessible in the left-side menu.

When clicked, customers will be directed to the “All Services” page, displaying services that can be purchased as gift cards, along with the “Gift Vouchers” tab. After selecting a service and clicking “Buy as a gift card,” customers can fill out the required fields and proceed to checkout.

Once clicked, the form of the service displays asking to select the required fields, then if your customers want to add more services to the gift card, they will click on “Add more services” so the services page will appear again to add from, if not, the “Continue to checkout” button will be pressed. 

After the required information of the receiver is entered and “Next” is pressed, your customers will get the payment method form to select from the bank card.

At the final stage, when pressing on next, the “Gift Card Overview” form will be displayed containing the recipient information, payment method, and selected service.

To approve buying the gift card, your customers should agree to the terms and conditions, then click on “Confirm booking”.

Viewing booking history

Viewing current / future bookings

Customers can view their current, future, and past bookings by clicking on “My Bookings” from the sidebar menu on the left. They can access booking details, view locations on a map, and sort bookings by date.

When they click on a booking, they will be redirected to the booking overview where they can:

  • View their services.
  • View booking location.
  • Accept or decline quotes.
  • Add instructions.
  • Add images.
  • Edit contact details.
  • Add payment methods.
  • Upload attachments.
Viewing past bookings

Your customers can also view their past bookings when logged in on your customer portal, by clicking on My Bookings from the sidebar menu on the left. Then click on Past to view their previous bookings. They can view their booking details, view the booking location on a map, sort their bookings by date, and more.

When they click on a booking, they will be redirected to the booking overview where they can:

  • Add feedback.
  • Rate fieldworker.
  • View invoice.
  • View their services.
  • View booking location.
  • Accept or decline quotes.
  • Add instructions.
  • Add images.
  • Edit contact details.
  • Add payment methods.
  • Upload attachments.
Viewing Gift Cards

Customers can view their purchased gift cards by clicking on “Gift Cards” in the side menu. They can then view upcoming or past gift cards and their details.

When customers view the gift card, they can:

  • Schedule an appointment to use the gift card.
  • View the invoice.
  • Edit contact details.
  • Add instructions.
  • Add a payment method.

Viewing and receiving notifications

Customers can view notifications related to their bookings by clicking on “Notifications” in the sidebar menu after logging in. They will receive notifications for booking confirmations, modifications, and other updates.

When your customers click on the notification, they will be redirected to the booking overview page to check its full details.

You can decide which notifications your customers receive by changing your settings and granting or denying certain permissions. To learn more about assigning credentials click here.

Chatting with the office

General office chat with the office

To chat with the general office, customers can click on “Messages” under “Support & Feedback” in the side menu. A pop-up window will appear where they can start a conversation, add comments, or upload files.

For discussions regarding specific bookings, quotes, invoices, or complaints, customers can click on “Message us” from the booking overview page. A pop-up menu will appear for them to add comments and upload files.

A pop-up window will appear where they can start a conversation with the general office regarding anything they need, they will simply add a comment or upload a file and click on Post comment.

This conversation will be between you and your customers. You can allow your fieldworkers to get notifications for the conversations sent from your customers, to learn more about how you can let your fieldworkers receive notifications click here.

Comments posted by your customers will be visible in your discussion on the admin portal where you can view the discussions and add comments. To learn more about adding a comment to a discussion, click here.

Chatting with the office regarding a specific booking/quote/ invoice/complaint

Your customers can easily get in touch regarding any booking through the customer portal. Go to My Bookings from the side menu on the left, select a booking, then click on Message us.

A pop-up menu will appear so they add their comments and upload files.

After posting the comment, the conversation will appear on the right of the booking overview. Customers will receive your comments here and can add more comments and upload photos.

Comments posted by your customers will be visible in your discussion on the admin portal where you can view the discussions and add comments. To learn more about adding a comment to a discussion, click here.

Viewing all messages

Customers can view all their messages with the office by clicking on “Messages” in the sidebar menu. They can send messages, upload photos, or delete old comments within each conversation.

For more information please visit Octopuspro user guide, and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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