Viewing an inquiry discussion

Viewing inquiry details

The discussion board is an online tool that facilitates communication between different admin users. OctopusPro provides discussion boards for users to share and debate information, opinions, and additional remarks. To learn more about adding a comment to an inquiry discussion, click here. 

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Viewing an inquiry discussion

  1. Go to Inquiries > All Inquiries 
  2. Select the inquiry you want or you can use the search bar if you have the INQ number, then click on the “Actions” button. 
  3. Select “ View inquiry” from the drop-down menu.

It’ll redirect you to the inquiry details page, so you can scroll down and click on the discussion section to access the discussion board, where you can view the inquiry discussion comments. If you want to respond to the inquiry’s comment, click on “Reply.”

To change the comment from “Not seen” to “Seen,” click the “Mark as seen” button.

Editing the visibility of the inquiry discussion

The comment you previously sent may be edited When you click the edit icon, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to edit visibility. As a result, you may then select the desired visibility from the drop-down option as well. 

Next, click on the “Edit visibility” button.

Deleting a comment from the inquiry discussion 

By selecting the delete or trash icon, you can remove any comment you wish from the discussion board.

The system will display a popup window requesting confirmation of the action.

For more information, please visit the Octopuspro user guide and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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