Add a Label to a Booking

Add a label to a booking

Labels are tags or keywords that you can create and add to your bookings, using labels in the OctopusPro system will help you categorize and identify and bookmark bookings, setting up labels will improve the communication within your office, providing additional information regarding the booking. With labels, others can easily see the status of the labeled object, like if the company has been communicated with the customer for a (booking, quote,…etc.) that he made or not.

OctopusPro will give you the choice to name your labels and color it giving, also, you can add as many labels as you wish. Coloring the tag will help you identify the label faster.

Using the filters on the booking list page you can use a labels filter to help you reach your stuff quickly without taking the effort of searching manually.

In bookings, you can add labels named “Customer is in a rush” if the customer needs the Job to be done at a fast pace, or “Customer is not in rush” if the customer doesn’t need the booking to be done in a fast period.

Attach labels to bookings:

  • Login to your Octopus Pro account, click here if you haven’t
  • Go to any Bookings list To Today/Tomorrow/All Bookings… etc.
  • Click on the Actions button.
add a new label in all bookings page navigation
  • Booking Label popup will appear
  • You can choose your label by clicking on the label name and you will see that the checkbox is filled.
  • You can also search for your labels if you have to labels many from the search box
  • Press Apply
Add label to a booking in the booking page
  • You will see the label on the labeled Booking as:
Add label to a booking example

For more information please visit the OctopusPro user guide, and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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