Adding a Label to a Booking

Adding a label to a booking

Labels are tags or keywords that you can create and add to your bookings, using labels will help you categorize and identify and bookmark bookings, and setting up labels will improve the communication within your office, providing additional information regarding the booking. With labels, others can easily see the status of the labeled object, like if the company has communicated with the customer about a (booking, quote,…etc.) that he made or not.

OctopusPro will give you the choice to name your labels and color it giving, also, you can add as many labels as you wish. Coloring the tag will help you identify the label faster.

Using the filters on the booking list page you can use a labels filter to help you reach your stuff quickly without taking the effort of searching manually. 

Labels are also visible in quotes and invoices, visit the labels page to learn more.

Note that: Labels are only visible for your office (admins and fieldworkers), customers won’t be able to view them.

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Adding a new label from your settings 

You can add labels directly from the settings, go to Settings > General Settings > Labels and click on New label or you can edit or delete existing labels. Visit the add a new label page to learn more.

Adding a new label from the booking page

You can simply add a new label from the booking details page to any booking. Go to Bookings > All bookings and view the booking you want to add a label to.  Click on Label from the top right of the booking details page.

A pop-up window will appear with the existing labels, click on Add label to create a new one.

Then you can add a label title and select a label color and click on Save. The label will be added to the list of added labels, to delete or edit it you have to go to Settings > General Settings > Labels.

Adding a label or multiple labels to a booking

To add a label to a booking, go to Bookings > All bookings and view the booking you want to add a label to and click on Label from the top right of the booking details page.

A pop-up window will appear where you can check the label you want or multiple labels to add or search for a label from the search bar above, then click on Apply.

Viewing added labels

To view labels that are added to a booking go Bookings > All bookings. The added labels will appear on the booking list page under the booking information.

Or you can view labels from the booking view page under the labels section.

Labels are also viewed in the bookings viewed in the Calendar, click on the booking to view its details and you’ll be able to view if there are any labels added to this booking.

Remove labels from a booking

To remove an added label from a booking, click on Label, then untick the checkboxes and click Apply.

You can also delete the label permanently from Settings > General settings > Labels.

For more information please visit Octopuspro user guide, and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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