Updating a Job – App

Updating a job

Check in at a job
Checking into a job allows the office to see that you have arrived at a booking and have started the job. To check in:
1. Go the the booking
2. Click Start Job
3. Enter the estimated completion time
4. Add a before photo and any notes for the office (highly recommended)
5. Press Ok


Update booking status
The booking status lets the office know the progress of a job you’re working on, so you can let the office know what you’re doing as you’re doing it, without having to call or text. To update the booking status for a job:
1. Go to the bookings
2. Click Finish Job
3. Now select a status from the options listed; in progress, completed or failed
4. Click Confirm
5. Add the time that the job was completed
6. Add after photos and any notes for the office (highly recommended)
Depending on the status selected, the app will prompt you to take the next steps:
1. If you select In Progress the app will ask you to add the date & time of your next visit to continue/complete the job
2. If you select Failed the app will ask if you want to add a call out fee
3. If you select Completed the app will ask if you want to invoice the customer


Upload photos
You may be required to upload photos of your work. The software makes it easy for you to upload photos straight to the app. To upload photos to a booking:
1. Go to the booking
2. Click on the Photos tab
3. Click +Add
4. Take a photo or choose one from your camera roll
5. Press Save



Add a service to a booking
You may get to a job and discover that additional services are required. If you agree to deliver any additional services to the customer, you must add the service to the booking. To do this:
1. Go to the booking
2. Scroll down to Services and click +Add
3. Select the service from the list
4. Enter the service details, including any products used
5. Press Save


Add a service discount
If things don’t quite go to plan, you may offer the customer a discount. If you provide a service with a discount, you must add the discount to the booking. You can do this by following the below steps:
1. Go to the booking
2. Click on the service you want to add a discount to
3. Enter the discount in the service details
4. Press Save
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