Getting to a Job – App

Getting to a job

View customer’s address
The booking address for each job will become available to you on the day of the job. For security reasons, prior to the start date of your booking you will only be able to view the area you will be working in. To view the address you simply need to:
1. Go to the bookings
2. At the top of the screen you will see a map of the area and the full address of the location of the job


View nearby bookings
The nearby bookings feature helps you to see where you have nearby bookings. This will be useful if you have to go back to a job for any reason, you can see when you will be around the area and plan effectively. To view your nearby bookings:
1. Go to the bookings
2. Click on the pin point icon at the right of the map
3. This will show you your nearby bookings, in order of closest to furthest away


View your route
If you require driving directions to get to a job, you can use Google Maps through the app. Simply follow the below steps:
1. Go to the booking
2. Click the road sign icon at the right of the map
3. This will take you directly to Google Maps and will find the best route for you
Job acceptance rate
Your job acceptance rate is calculated by the number of jobs you have accepted, out of the total number of jobs that have been assigned to you. While subcontractors have the option to decline jobs they are unable to do, please be aware that declining jobs continuously and without good reason will reflect an unreliable work ethic and may affect the number of job requests you receive in the future. Therefore, it is in your best interest to keep your acceptance rate as high as possible to receive more booking requests.
Please Note: Any jobs cancelled by your clients will not affect your job acceptance rate.
Get more job requests
If you are not receiving the number of booking requests that you expected, you should make sure your calendar is up to date and reflects your current availability as you will only be assigned jobs on the days/hours that you are available to work. The office will assign jobs to you that are in your area and require the service(s) that you offer. You will receive more job requests if: your ratings & rankings are high and your job acceptance rate is high, so it’s important to focus on your performance if you want to increase your number of job requests.
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