Display Phone Numbers for Customers to call in the customer portal

Display phone numbers for customers to call in the customer portal

Octopuspro allows Admin users to set up their customers portal to display their business hours during working days so that your customers would know how and when to reach out to you for support.

 Go to Settings > Customer Portal > Flags & Permissions, you will be redirected to the customer portal flags and permissions settings page, in the website flags section, enable the Display Phone Numbers for Customer to call in the customer portal flag.

You can edit your business’ available date and time in the box below the toggle to be displayed under your business number to be displayed on the customer portal.

When you activate the toggle, the phone number, date, and time slots will be viewed by customers when they access the customer portal at the top of the page.

To edit your business’ phone number, Go to Settings > Company settings > Business details, enter your primary business contact number so that it would be displayed on the customer portal.

For more information please visit Octopuspro user guide, and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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