Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration

OctopusPro allows you to integrate your Facebook account with your OctopusPro account using API through an easy process as explained next. This gives your customers the option to sign up/login to the customer portal using their Facebook accounts.

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How to integrate the company Facebook account with OctopusPro account?

To connect your Facebook account with your OctopusPro account, follow the below steps:

  • Set-up a Firebase account.
  • Set-up a Facebook developer account.
  • Connect Firebase account to Facebook developer account.
  • Connect OctopusPro account with Firebase account.
Set up a Firebase account

To set-up a Firebase account, follow the below steps:

Go to Firebase (google.com), and click on Get Started

Next, click on Create a project

Add your project name, then check the Accept Terms option and Continue

Disable the option to enable Google Analytics then click Create project

Once the project is created, click on Continue

Click on the Web app icon as displayed below:

Add your App name then click on Register app.

Copy your Firebase account settings keys, then click on Continue, as displayed below:

Click on Build to expand, then click on Realtime database

Click on Create Database

Select your realtime database location, then click on Next

Click Enable to start in Locked Mode “more secure”

Next, a web link will be generated for your App Database

Click on Authentication, then scroll down to Authorized domains and Add booking.octopuspro.com

Already have a Firebase account?

You may copy the required settings by clicking on the gear-Icon, Project Settings then navigate to the bottom of the page as displayed below:

Next, you need to provide authentication as explained below:

  • Click on Build to expand the menu then click on Authentication
  • Click on Get Started

  • Select Facebook

  • Enable the Facebook authentication then fill-in the required info, which can be retrieved from Facebook developer account

Create Facebook Developer App

To create a Facebook developer app, go to Sign up for Facebook | Facebook. Once your account is created and verified, go to Facebook for Developers, then navigate to My Apps as displayed below:

Click on Create App

Add your App details, then click Create App as displayed below:

From the page Add Products to Your App, navigate to Facebook Login and click Set Up

Select Web

Add your site URL, click Save then Continue

Click Next for each new window till the set-up is done. Then, go to Settings> Basic from the left-side menu on your Facebook developer account, copy the App ID and App Secret to add it to the Firebase integration settings

To link the app you’ve created on Facebook to Firebase, return to the Authentication step on your Firebase account to enter App ID and App secret. Then, copy the generated link and click Save

Go to Facebook developer account and update the link copied in the previous step in the “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs” field, then add the link “booking.octopuspro.com” in the Allowed domains field as displayed below, then click Save changes

From Firebase account, you should be able to see Facebook enabled under Authentication as displayed below:

Connect OctopusPro with Firebase

To connect your OctopusPro account with Firebase to be able to integrate it with your Facebook, please follow the below steps:

  • Login to your admin user account on OctopusPro
  • Go to Settings> Company settings> Api> New developer integration
  • Fill-in the required data using the information we copied earlier while setting-up Firebase account then click Save

All set, and Facebook account is now available in your Customer portal.

Your customers are now  able to login to your customer portal using their Facebook account or even create a new account as displayed above.

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