Allow fieldworkers to modify their services list

Allow fieldworkers to modify their services list

To increase the flexibility and responsiveness of the service list, administrators can activate the feature that allows fieldworkers to modify their service lists. This enables fieldworkers to activate or deactivate services in their service list based on their individual preferences or expertise and deactivate the ones that they do not perform, thus avoiding being assigned services that are outside of their expertise.

Enabling fieldworkers to modify their active services yields many benefits such as improving the efficiency of the job by ensuring that the right fieldworker is assigned to each task, increasing customer satisfaction by ensuring that the fieldworker has the necessary skills to complete the job to a high standard, and enhancing the morale of fieldworkers by giving them greater control over their work and allowing them to take on tasks that are more in line with their interests or expertise.

This feature helps to ensure that each fieldworker is assigned bookings that align with their skills and expertise, resulting in higher-quality service and greater customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it can prevent scheduling errors that might arise when a fieldworker is assigned a booking for a service they are not qualified to perform, thereby saving time and reducing the risk of canceled bookings or unhappy customers.

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I. Use Case Examples

For example, in an HVAC company, the admin can create a list of services that includes air conditioning repair, furnace repair, and duct cleaning. By enabling the toggle that allows fieldworkers to modify their service list, individual fieldworkers can choose to specialize in one area of HVAC repair, such as furnace repair, and remove other services from their list. This allows the company to assign jobs more efficiently and ensures the right fieldworker is assigned to each task.

II. Viewing the Service List

To view your service list as a fieldworker, log in to the OctopusPro application and click on the side menu. Click on your display name, and then click on the “Services” section to view your available services at the bottom of the page. From here, you can activate or deactivate services.

Enabling or Disabling Services on the List

When the feature that allows fieldworkers to modify their service lists is enabled, fieldworkers can activate or deactivate services on their list. Enabling a service will make it appear on the list of available services while disabling it will remove it from the list. It is important to note that administrators can always modify the list of enabled services for a fieldworker and can also add new services from the admin portal.

To enable or disable a service on your service list, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the OctopusPro app.
  2. Click on the side menu and then click on your display name.
  3. Click on the “Services” section to view your available services.
  4. Locate the service you want to enable or disable.
  5. Click the toggle button to turn it on or off, depending on whether you want the service to be enabled or disabled.
  6. Once the toggle is on, the service will be added to your list of available services. Once the toggle is off, the service will be removed from your list of available services.

Fieldworkers will now only be able to accept bookings with the services they have enabled on their profiles, and will not be assigned to bookings with other services.

In conclusion, by allowing fieldworkers to modify their service lists, OctopusPro provides a powerful feature that helps to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and prevent scheduling errors. Fieldworkers can customize their service list by activating and deactivating services, enabling them to focus on the tasks they are most skilled at, and reducing the risk of scheduling errors or unhappy customers.

For more information, please visit the Octopuspro user guide and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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