Booking Timeline

 Booking Timeline

OctopusPro empowers admin users to stay informed about all scheduled bookings within the system, allowing them to monitor progress and take necessary action whenever needed.

Users can examine the booking timeline to gain insights into the booking process, make adjustments, schedule visits, send invoices, or add payments. The booking timeline also displays the status of each booking.

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What is a booking timeline?

The booking timeline is a comprehensive view of the booking process for admin users. It displays critical information such as the scheduled appointment date and time, booking status, invoice and payment details, and Fieldworker acceptance.

Admin users can also make necessary edits to bookings directly from the timeline, such as scheduling visits, sending invoices, and adding payments.

Where can admin users check the timeline?

To check the booking timeline, go to Bookings > All Bookings, then select the booking you wish to view. Select “View booking” from the actions button.

You’ll be redirected to the booking details page, at the bottom of the page select the “Timeline” button from the section below.

The booking timeline will be displayed to view when the booking is created with its date and time, whether the invoice is sent to your customer or not, whether the booking is paid or not, and showing whether the booking is completed or not yet. 

If these steps are completed, there will be a tick displayed beside each status. For example, as shown in the following print screen the “ Booking created” and “Invoiced” statuses are completed and if they are not completed they will be displayed without a tick like the “Paid” and “Booking Completed” statuses so you can edit them.

How can admin users take advantage of a booking timeline?

Admin users can view and edit the booking timeline in an easier way, you can schedule a booking by only selecting the “Schedule a visit” button and you’ll be redirected to the edit booking page. 

When you want to send an invoice, select the “Send Invoice” button and a pop-up window will appear in an easier way to send an invoice without going to the invoice details page to send it.

You’ll be able to add a payment from the booking timeline as well by selecting the “Add Payment” button and you’ll be redirected instantly to the add payment page. 

You can edit and check all the missing processes that can be in your booking details from the booking timeline by staying on the same page without navigating to different pages to edit or check your bookings. 

What kind of actions admin users can do in the booking timeline?

Admin users can perform various actions directly from the booking timeline, including:

    • Scheduling visits
    • Sending invoices
    • Adding payments
    • Editing booking details and status

Go to Bookings > All Bookings, then select the booking you wish to view. Select “View booking” from the actions button.

You can edit your booking from the booking timeline, select the “Schedule a visit” button to edit the created booking if the date and time need to be changed or add a service to the booking if your customer needs to change anything in their booking.

After selecting the “Schedule a visit” button, you’ll be redirected to the edit booking page automatically to edit the booking, then select “Save changes”

You can also send an invoice by selecting the “Send Invoice” button if the booking is not invoiced yet or if you need to make changes in the invoice.

A pop-up window will appear on the same page without redirecting you to your invoices page, so you can send an invoice easily by filling the needed information ,then click on the “Send” button.

To add or edit the booking’s payment click on the “Add Payment” button.

You’ll be easily redirected to the “Add payment” page where you can add payment type and amount to your customer.

Then you’ll be able to view whether the booking is completed or not, if there is no tick beside “Booking completed” so you will be able to check that the status of the booking is not completed yet and you can edit the missing process. 

For more information, please visit the Octopuspro user guide and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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