Create a Free Service

Create a free service

Need to schedule and manage bookings for a service but don’t want to bill your customers or generate an invoice? Just select the free service option under Cost & Payrate while creating your service. Follow the simple steps below and if there is anything we can help with just ask.

For a Free Service, no pricing information will be included for that service and no invoice generated. All job booking details, fieldworker scheduling as well as standard correspondence will be sent to fieldworkers and customers.

To create a free service

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Select Services Settings
    3. Click on Services
    4. Select Create New service



    5. Under the Service Details tab, fill in the required fields and select the options applicable to your new service. One complete select next in the bottom right corner.
    6. Next is the option to add your Service Cost & Payrate, where we will add our non billed, invoice-free service.
    7. Under the option Type of Service select the option Free Service (No invoice).

   8.  Add your fieldworker payment details, then select next to enter any custom fields relating to your service, then save.


All booking steps including fieldworker scheduling details remain unaffected for a free service, however no pricing information is included and no invoice generated.


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