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Add/Remove a follow-up

Follow-up with customers on a regular or periodic basis regarding service inquiries or assistance inquiries helps customers meet their expectations, giving them more reasons to purchase your product or service. Following up with customers will keep the lines of communication open, which is beneficial to both parties, not just in terms of sales, but also in terms of maintaining a relationship. It’s an important business practice that every company should follow. When it comes to giving reviews, customer service follow-ups have the potential to influence a customer’s overall experience with your company and even their outlook on your business practices. When creating a new inquiry, the system will ask if you want to add a follow-up date so that the customer will receive a follow-up email. If you change your mind, you can add or remove a follow-up at any time. To do this:

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Setting the date and time to follow up with the customer 

When creating a new inquiry as an admin user, after adding your customer and selecting your business trading name and address, you can set up the follow-up date reminder. It enables you to send SMS/Email reminders to follow up with the customers for future inquiries. Click on the “Yes” toggle to activate the follow-up option, and a calendar will appear where you can pick a follow-up date to send the SMS/Email.

To set the reminder date, click the “Calendar” icon and select the desired date.

 Then, after selecting the date, click on the “Clock” icon to set the preferred time.

It will take you to the time picker clock, where you can use the arrows to select the time and click AM to switch to PM.

Viewing follow-up inquiries 

Admin users can follow up on the inquiries from under Inquiries > To Follow in your left menu.

The count of inquiries that need to be followed up on will be displayed in your menu. You can find all the inquiries that are set for follow-up reminders to the customers. 

Select the customer you want from the overview page or select the customer by their following-up date, then click on “Apply.”

  • Click on the “Actions” button.
  • Then click on “View Inquiry.”

Editing the follow-up to the inquiry 

Go to Inquiries > To Follow 

  • Select the inquiry for which you want to change the follow-up date.
  • Then click on “Follow up on”.  

A pop-up window will appear, enabling you to select your preferred date and time.

Then click on the “Save” button.


  • Go to Inquiries.
  • Select the inquiry you want and click on the “ Actions” button.
  • Then click on “ Edit inquiry.”

So you’ll be redirected to the “ Edit inquiry” page so you can scroll down to “ Set Reminder.” Click on the calendar and pick the date and time you prefer.

Removing the follow-up to the inquiry

  • Select the inquiry for which you want to remove the follow-up date.
  • Then click on “Follow up on”.  

A pop-up window will appear, and if you click “Remove follow up,” the follow-up date will be erased instantly.

You can go to inquiries and select edit inquiry, then click on “Requires to Follow Up?” to turn the yes into no to disable the toggle and remove the follow-up date. 

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