Job Quoting and Cost Estimate Management

Quote and Cost Estimate Management

OctopusPro’s Quote and Estimates Management tool is designed to streamline your business processes by providing a centralized platform to create, manage, and track quotes and estimates. With OctopusPro, your customers can easily review, accept, or decline quotes, self-schedule appointments, and convert quotes to invoices. Additionally, the system enables customers to generate accurate quotes, place booking requests, and purchase gift vouchers. This user guide will provide examples and details on how to navigate and utilize OctopusPro’s powerful tool, along with automations and reminders that help manage quotes efficiently.

Quote Status List

OctopusPro’s Quote and Estimates Management tool features various quote status categories to help you efficiently manage and track your quotes. This section of the user guide presents a table with each quote status category, details, and examples.

All Estimates This category comprises every estimate within OctopusPro, allowing business owners to gain a comprehensive overview of all quotes in the system, monitor overall performance, and make data-driven decisions.
My Estimates This category includes all estimates created and sent by the logged-in user. For example, as a sales representative, this category will display all quotes you have personally created and sent to potential clients.
To Follow This category contains all the estimates with a follow-up email attached, including those awaiting customer responses or requiring further discussion. For instance, an estimate for a catering service with a follow-up email for customer feedback will appear in this category.
Accepted This category includes all estimates accepted by the customer. For example, if a customer accepts your photography package estimate, it will move to this category, prompting you to schedule the service or deliver the product.
Declined This category contains all estimates declined by the customer. For example, if a customer declines your home cleaning service estimate, the quote will appear in this category, allowing you to evaluate your pricing strategy or follow up for feedback.
Signed This category features all estimates signed by the customer. For instance, if a client signs an estimate for a website design project, the signed quote will appear in this category, marking the commencement of the agreed-upon work.
Expired This category includes all expired estimates. For example, if an estimate for a limited-time promotional offer expires due to the customer’s lack of response, it will appear in this category, allowing you to determine whether to extend the offer or create a new promotion.
Site Visits This category encompasses all estimates requiring a site visit or location assessment before booking, such as quotes for interior design services that need an on-site consultation before finalizing the estimate

OctopusPro’s Quote and Estimate Management Features Includes

Automated follow-up reminders:

  • The “To follow” tab displays all estimates that have a follow-up email attached to them, ensuring you never miss an important follow-up with potential clients.
  • OctopusPro can automatically send customizable follow-up emails after a specified period, saving you time and effort.
  • Example: If you sent an estimate for a kitchen remodeling project and set a follow-up reminder for one week, OctopusPro will automatically send the follow-up email, and the estimate will appear under the “To follow” tab.

User-specific estimates:

  • The “My estimates” tab shows estimates created and sent by the logged-in user, helping individual team members track their progress and stay organized.
  • Example: As a sales representative, you can use the “My estimates” tab to view all the estimates you’ve personally sent to clients and monitor their status.

Comprehensive estimate overview:

  • The “All estimates” tab displays every estimate created within OctopusPro, regardless of their status or user, allowing for a comprehensive overview of all outstanding quotes and their progress.
  • Example: As a business owner, you can use the “All estimates” tab to monitor the overall performance of your sales team and make data-driven decisions to improve sales processes.

Site visits and appointment scheduling:

  • The “Site Visits” tab lists all estimates that require a visit prior to booking, helping you keep track of site visits and plan your schedule accordingly.
  • OctopusPro allows customers to self-schedule site visits through an integrated booking system, streamlining the appointment process and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Example: If you offer landscaping services and need to visit the client’s property to evaluate the scope of work, customers can book a site visit directly through OctopusPro, and the corresponding estimate will appear under the “Site Visits” tab.

Deleted estimates and audit trail:

  • The “Deleted” tab lists all deleted estimates for record-keeping purposes, helping users maintain a clear audit trail of all quote-related activities.
  • Example: If you accidentally deleted an estimate, you can easily find it under the “Deleted” tab and restore it if necessary.

OctopusPro’s Quote and Estimates Management tool offers a comprehensive solution to manage your business’s quoting process. With its user-friendly interface, automations, and reminders, OctopusPro helps enhance customer satisfaction, streamline your workflow, and ultimately increase your business’s revenue. Take advantage of OctopusPro’s powerful features to manage your quotes and estimates efficiently and effectively.

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