User Role

User’s Roles

At OctopusPro we want to make sure that all of your employees, regardless of their role, feel connected and empowered. We understand that the needs of users are different depending on their role, that’s why we allow you to add user roles and customize user settings to suit their needs.

Add a New User Role

You can add the different roles of people in your organisation here. A users assigned role will control what aspects of the system they have access to and To add a new role:

  1. Go to settings from the main menu
  2. Select Company Settings
  3. Select Users
  4. Select New Role
  5. Enter the role name and set the default page for that role by copying the end of the http address of the page you wish to set
  6. Press Save
  7. When you have added a new role, it will appear as an option under roles when adding a new user

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