Apply a Price Zone to a Custom Field

Set a price zone to a custom field value 

The price zone feature automatically updates the price of a service when the location is selected. Some of your services may have Custom Fields that determine the price of the service. If you have assigned custom fields to a service, you can then add a service custom field value zone, which automatically updates the price when a location and a custom field are selected.

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How to set price zones to custom fields?

To set price zones to a custom field, go to Settings > Service Settings > Services.

You’ll be redirected to the services page, click on Manage custom fields next to the service you want to edit its custom field. To learn more about how to create custom fields click here.

You will be redirected to the custom fields page, click on Prize zones to edit the custom field, or click on Value price zones to edit each custom field value.

You will be redirected to the custom field price zone page, where you can:

  • Select the custom field value from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your zone name. 
  • Select state/province from your activated locations.
  • Enter the unit price that you want to be added when this value is selected.

Click on Save.

After saving the zone it will be added below where you can then edit it or delete it.

You can add as many zones as you need for each custom field value to manage all your locations and costs.

If you want to edit a zone to a more specified location, click on the zone name, then select the state, then click on it to select town/city, then you can select postal/zip code & suburb/locality.

How do custom fields price zones appear to admins while creating a booking?

After setting price zones to a custom field, the price zone will affect the custom field’s pricing while booking the service-related. 

Go to Booking > Create new from the sidebar menu on the left, scroll down then click on Add service, and select a service from the pop-up menu. To learn more about creating a booking click here.

When adding a customer whose location is added to a specific zone, the price will be affected by selecting the custom field.

How do custom fields price zones appear on the fieldworkers’ app while creating a booking?

When a fieldworker creates a booking, after selecting a customer whose location is added to a certain zone in the price zones.

Go to Bookings > Create a new booking. Go through the booking process until the custom field, and select the answer then the price added will appear depending on the location in the price zone.

How do custom field price zones appear on the customer portal?

When a customer selects a location that is added to a specific zone, the price will be automatically updated when selecting a custom field.

Go to the customer portal, select a service, then click on Schedule an appointment. Custom fields will appear during the booking process as shown below.

To learn more about how your customers schedule appointments, click here.

For more information please visit Octopuspro user guide, and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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