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Create a products list

If your company uses different products in your services or provides many products to customers, you can create a list of products. When a booking is made, users can add the product(s) to let customers know which products will be used and let fieldworkers know which product to use for the job. To add products:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. Click Products
  4. Click New Product

5. Add all the details about your product in the required fields.

Name: add your product’s name.

Item code: insert your product code. “Item code is the item reference that is generally used in the operations of business to call a certain product in production or in the early design phase.”

Unit label: set the base measurement unit for your product. For example: Liters, Gallon, centimeters, etc.

Cost per unit: this is the cost per unit for your business. For example, if you set “Unit label” to be liter and “Cost per unit” to be 10$, it means that the one liter costs 10$. So, If you want choosing a product to affect the service price, you can add different prices to your products. So, when a customer chooses a service and chooses a product to be used when doing this service, the product price will be added to the service price. This field is optional, that is, if you don’t want choosing a product to affect the service price, you can leave the cost per unit field without any value when adding your product.

Markup per unit: set your percentage over the cost. “Markup is the ratio between the cost of a product and its selling price. A markup is added into the total cost incurred by the producer of a product or service in order to cover the costs of doing business and create a profit.” The cost per unit + markup will determine the price for customer. This field is optional, too.

Product description: add any other details about your product.

Product visibility: decide if you want this product to be visible to all users (your customers, fieldworkers and office users) or only to your office users and the fieldworker who created it.

Add product specification: in addition to the product description, you can also add product specification. For example, you can add the brand, the bar code, the color, the production date,etc.

Product image: upload an image of your product.

File: you can upload files related to your product to be attached to; for example, you can upload a user manual of your new product or any other files that you want.

Assign products to services: assign the product to the services which use it. If you added your products without assigning them to any service, they will appear in all services by default. Otherwise, if you assign your product to specific services, then only the products assigned to the service will appear for the user when making a new booking and choosing that service.

6. Press Save

Finally, you can manage your products settings. You can choose whether you want these products to be visible to customers in Branded App , emails and attachments. And if you want to enable fieldworkers to be able to add products used once completing a job. And whether you want to enable admins to add products to the booking  when creating a new booking. To manage these points:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. Click Products

If you want to provide only products for your customers with no services, that is make bookings for only products and with no services, you can activate “Product Sales” in your services. Product Sales is a service that is added by default to your services. If you activate this service, you can make bookings for only products with no services. Otherwise, products are attached to services; it means if you didn’t choose any service when making a new booking,  then no products will appear for you. To activate “Product Sales”:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. Click Services
  4. Make “Product Sales” service visible and active.

By doing so, you can make a new booking and choose “product sales” service, then all products will appear for you to choose from.

Use custom product if you didn’t find the product you want and you want to add it. Custom product allows you to add a new product when making a booking; and this product will be added to your list of products.

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