Booking Disclaimer

Booking Disclaimer

The booking disclaimer is a statement for your customers to see on the booking overview before confirming the booking. It enables you to give your customers a brief about everything related to your booking. A booking disclaimer can include policies, booking processes, payment terms, travel conditions, booking timeline, or any special condition your customers need to be informed about before placing the booking.

To add a booking disclaimer, go to Settings > Customer Portal > General Settings.

Enter your booking disclaimer in the text box provided. For example, a massage business would write “Your request will be sent to all therapists in your area. When the booking is accepted you will be notified and we will process the payment. If the booking is not accepted you will receive a notification with the option to reschedule to another time/date or just to cancel the booking without any charge.” as a disclaimer to their customers.

Where will the booking disclaimer appear?

The booking disclaimer will be displayed on the booking overview before confirming the booking.

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