Manual Push to Google Calendar

Manual Push to Google Calendar: Ensuring All Bookings Reach Your Fieldworkers

Integrating with Google Calendar, OctopusPro offers a feature that allows admin users to manually push bookings to their fieldworker’s Google Calendar. This capability comes into play when an anomaly arises with the automatic sync or when bookings were assigned to the fieldworker prior to their Google Calendar sync.

The purpose of this feature is to ensure that fieldworkers that rely on Google Calendar instead of the OctopusPro calendar to manage their bookings are always updated with their bookings, regardless of when they started using the Google Calendar sync. By manually pushing the bookings, we eliminate the risk of fieldworkers missing out on any pre-sync bookings.

This feature’s value becomes evident in multiple scenarios. Suppose you’ve just onboarded a new fieldworker who wasn’t immediately integrated with the Google Calendar sync, and they had several bookings assigned during this period. In this case, you can manually push these bookings to their Google Calendar to ensure they’re not overlooked. Or perhaps there was a temporary glitch in the sync process – this feature ensures that bookings aren’t lost during that downtime.

Manual Push of Bookings to Fieldworker’s Google Calendar

As an admin user, you can manually push bookings to your fieldworker’s Google Calendar and notify them of the assigned job.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to All Bookings: From the sidebar menu go to Bookings > All Bookings
  2. Select a Booking: Choose the booking you wish to push to your fieldworker’s Google Calendar.
  3. Open Booking Details: Click on the “View Booking” button to open the booking details page.
  4. Access Booking Actions: Click on the “Actions” button from the right side of the page.
  5. Push to Google Calendar: Select “Push to Google Calendar” from the drop-down menu.
  6. Confirm Push: A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to confirm the booking details. Click “Accept” to complete the push.

Viewing Manually Pushed Bookings from Fieldworker’s Google Calendar

After a booking is manually pushed to the fieldworker’s Google Calendar, they can view the assigned booking from their Google Calendar or via the fieldworker app.

  1. Notification: Fieldworkers will receive a notification on their Google Calendar or the app about the new booking.
  2. Booking Details: They can then open the booking details by selecting the new booking event in their Google Calendar or from the notifications in the app.

This feature ensures that no matter what happens, your fieldworkers can stay up-to-date with their bookings, helping maintain a smooth and effective operation for your business.

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