Push a Booking to a Fieldworker’s Calendar

Push a Booking to a Fieldworker’s Calendar

When a booking is created and assigned to a Fieldworker, it will automatically appear in their calendar to accept or decline it. However, admin users can also push a booking to a technician’s calendar manually by following the below steps.

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How can admin users push a booking to the fieldworker’s calendar manually?

You can manually push bookings to your fieldworker’s calendar and notify them of the assigned job.

To do this, from the sidebar menu go to Bookings > All Bookings, then select the booking you wish to push to your fieldworker’s calendar and select the “View Booking” button. 

You’ll be redirected to the booking details page, click on the “Actions” button from the right of the page and select “Push to Technician Calendar” from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up window will appear to select the service you want to assign to your fieldworker to be displayed in his calendar. You can select one service or “Accept All” to select all available services that are placed in this booking. 

The service will be automatically accepted when you select the “Accept” button and will be displayed on the fieldworker’s calendar. 

Viewing pushed bookings from the fieldworker’s calendar 

After a booking is pushed to your fieldworker’s calendar, your fieldworker can view the assigned booking from the fieldworker app. 

Your fieldworkers will be notified with a new booking request added to their calendar through the app as follows: 

After selecting “New Booking Request”, they’ll be redirected to the bookings page and their assigned booking will be displayed at the top of the page to view it. 

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