Updating a fieldworker’s Payment Agreement

Updating a fieldworker’s payment agreement 

A fieldworker’s payment agreement must be updated on their profile by admin users to ensure their payment structure and the amount paid for their jobs. The fieldworker’s payment agreement includes; the payment structure, their hourly rate, the overtime rate, and the first-time rate. Only admin users can update a fieldworker’s payment agreement.

Table of contents:

  • Updating a fieldworker’s payment agreement from the admin portal 

Updating a fieldworker’s payment agreement from the admin portal 

You can update your fieldworker’s payment agreement from the admin portal. Go to fieldworkers from the sidebar menu, you’ll be redirected to the “All fieldworkers” page, and select the fieldworker you want to edit his/her profile.

Select the “View profile” button from the drop-down menu.

You’ll be redirected to the fieldworker profile. From the personal details section, go to “Payment agreement” and select the drop-down menu to view the added payment agreement.

Your fieldworker’s payment agreement will be displayed below. Then you can select the edit button to update your fieldworker’s bank account details.

After selecting the edit button, a pop-up window will appear to set the fieldworker pay rate and to fill in the needed information:

  • Editing the payment structure: you can select from the drop-down menu whether to pay them hourly or by a commission according to the needs of their job.
  • Editing the hourly rate: add their hourly amount rate in numbers in the following text box with your saved currency.
  • Editing overtime rate: you can add an overtime amount to your fieldworker if they spent overtime for their job.
  • Editing first-hour rate: adding a first-hour rate amount to your fieldworker in numbers in the following text box.

Then select the save button. 

Your fieldworker’s pay rate can be modified in your system in different ways. Visit the setting a fieldworker’s pay rate page to learn more.

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