View and Manage Quotes and Cost Estimates

View and Manage Quotes and Cost Estimates

Embrace the power of OctopusPro, the all-in-one platform for handling quotes in your service business. Whether you are a HVAC specialist, healthcare administrator, or childcare provider, OctopusPro streamlines the quoting process, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With OctopusPro, generating and managing detailed quotes has never been easier. For instance, create a quote for a furnace installation for Mrs. Green, set a prompt expiry date, and seamlessly convert it into a booking upon acceptance, while automatically generating an invoice.

OctopusPro’s capabilities extend to managing quotes generated by you, your fieldworkers, or even by your customers through the customer portal. Its ‘Find Availability’ function ensures optimal personnel allocation for service requests, while the deposit amount setting improves financial handling.

Viewing Quote Details

Upon navigating to your OctopusPro dashboard, you can locate and view specific quote details in two primary ways:

  1. If you have the quote number (starting with EST-), simply enter it into the search bar to find the specific quote.

  2. Alternatively, click on “Quotes” in the main menu. This will allow you to select the type of quote you wish to view or click “All quotes” for an overall view.

Click on the EST number to access more detailed information about the quote, including customer details, location, required services, quoted price, available technicians, and contact history. Having these details at your fingertips allows you to tailor your approach to each customer effectively.

Editing Quotes and Previewing PDFs

With OctopusPro, you have the flexibility to edit your quotes and preview how these edits will appear in the final PDF. Whether it’s modifying the service details, adjusting the quoted price, or updating customer information, your changes are seamlessly reflected in the quote. The “Preview PDF” feature ensures that you’re confident in the presentation of the quote before sending it to the customer.

Converting Quotes to Bookings and Generating Invoices

One of the key features of OctopusPro is the ability to convert a quote into a booking directly from the quote management page. This feature expedites the process of moving a potential customer to an active client. After the quote is converted into a booking, you can swiftly generate an invoice, which can then be sent directly to the customer – all in just a few clicks.

Setting Expiry Dates and Deposit Amounts

OctopusPro allows you to set an expiry date for each quote, adding a sense of urgency and encouraging prompt action from the customer. You can also specify the deposit amount required, further streamlining your business’s financial management process.

Quote Management Features

In addition to these functionalities, OctopusPro also offers several other features to manage your quotes effectively:

  • Add Discussion: Allows you to engage in conversations related to the quote within your team.
  • Add Label: Helps to categorize and organize your quotes for future reference.
  • Add Issue: Gives the opportunity to record any problems related to the quote.
  • Delete Quote: Enables you to remove quotes that are no longer needed.
  • Mark as Accepted/Declined: Provides a quick way to update the quote status based on customer feedback.
  • Duplicate Quote: Creates a duplicate of the quote, saving time when creating similar quotes.
  • Find Availability: Assists in checking the availability of your service providers.
  • Clear Cache: Clears stored data, ensuring the latest information is displayed.
  • Client Viewed Status: A status that indicates when a client has viewed the quote.

OctopusPro’s View/Manage Quote page is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool designed to facilitate easy quote management for service-based businesses. This robust feature allows businesses to oversee and handle individual quotes seamlessly, from their initial creation to their eventual conversion into bookings.

Whether you’re an HVAC provider, healthcare facility, or childcare center, you can create, view, and edit quotes, set expiry dates, add discussions, labels, or issues, and even convert them into bookings right from this page. With easy-to-use options to preview and print PDFs, view attachments, generate invoices, and more, you’ll have all the resources you need for streamlined quote handling at your fingertips.

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