Viewing Booking History

Viewing booking history

A booking history is where your customer’s bookings changes or updates that are made by all system users appear on the booking view page which helps you to know more information about the booking.

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How to view a booking history?

Users can view any updates or changes that have been made to a booking by viewing the history. To do this, go to Bookings > All Bookings, and select the booking that you need to view.

At the right of the booking view page, select the “History” button from the drop-down menu to view your customer’s booking history. 

All booking history will be displayed in the history section. The information that will be displayed includes your customer’s actions to their booking, updated date and time for the scheduled appointment, quotes sent, fieldworkers updates to the booking, changes made by admins, updated locations, booking status, and all changes made in the booking. 

Viewing booking history from the customer profile

To view your customers’ booking history, go to Customers > All customers, it will redirect you to the “customers list” page. Select the customer you wish to view their bookings history from the actions button, then select “ View profile”.

It will redirect you to the “Customers Details” page. Select “Customer History” from the drop-down menu located in the section below.

 You can also view all their bookings from the “Bookings” section according to the booking status, you can select the needed booking to view it.

All your customer’s details and added information will be displayed in this section showing all changes made by the admin, and who viewed their profile.

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