Add an Image to a Service

Add an image about a service

From Settings> Services Settings> Image Attachments, you can see all the images that your fieldworkers take with the fieldworker app while on site. It is considered the images bank about all your services. Asking your fieldworkers to take images before and after they complete a service is a good way to control your service quality, and it might come in handy in potential customer complaint situations. You can also upload images manually. To do so:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Services Settings
  3. Click Image Attachment
  4. Click Upload Image

5. Upload an image and select the service that this image is describing and the type of image (After completing the job, Before starting the job, or Feedback)


6. Press Save Photo(s)

When you click on an image, it will tell you the name of the fieldworker, service, and whether the image is before or after completing a job.

You can delete an image by clicking on the image and from the arrow down at the right side of the page click Delete Photo.

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